12x24 Deluxe Sukkah

Our new Deluxe Sukkah is 7.5’ tall and manufactured from the highest quality materials. It is backed by our 12 year warranty. It is easy to assemble with the provided rubber mallet. The Deluxe Sukkah uses the Original Mehadrin Strap System and is kosher to the highest standards. It is strong and durable, fast to assemble, easy to handle. It is compact for storage, waterproof, and has mildew-proof fabric. It has extra windows for light and air. It even features privacy shades, and center support bars.

Please note: All orders must be confirmed. There may be additional charges for delivery.

Due to Fedex regulations, all Sukkahs shipped with Fedex do not include complimentary notched bamboo Schach supports.

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