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Welcome to Sukkah World, your top source of quality sukkahs, and sukkah-related merchandise. The sukkah is an essential part of Jewish tradition, and we are proud to combine that tradition with modern convenience and quality.

The sukkahs we carry include portable travel sukkahs; and modular and deluxe models. The modular and Easy-lock sukkahs provide the owner with a wide range of customizability and size options. Modular sukkah sizes range from 6 x 8 feet to 12 x 20 feet. Deluxe models start at 6 x 8 feet, up to 12 x 24 feet.

We supply only the top brands

Our catalog includes sukkahs from some of the largest, most reputable manufacturers in the industry. By carrying only the top brands in the market, we are able to give you the best merchandise, at the best price. Our inventory includes products from:

Leiters Sukkah
Leiters Sukkah is the largest sukkah manufacturer in the world, and has been in business for close to 50 years. Founded in 1965, the brand has become a household name synonymous with quality and excellence. The original blue and yellow fabric sukkahs are closely identified with the brand.

Sukkah Outlet
Sukkah Outlet has over three decades of experience building sukkahs. Its modular products are made in the United States, to ensure quality and superior workmanship. Sukkah Outlet can also customize designs and builds to the customer’s specifications.

Sukkah World is a one-stop shop for all sukkah essentials. Apart from sukkahs, we also carry tables, chairs, and s’chach products. The s’chach is an important part of a proper sukkah. The s’chach items we stock are made from top-quality materials such as bamboo, and adhere to traditional requirements. 

Service and guarantee

Sukkah World is committed to giving you the best possible sukkah shopping experience. Our extensive catalog is backed by a warranty, and we stand behind all the brands and products we carry.

We also offer wholesale rates for dealers and resellers. Our special rates enable you to maximize profits while supplying the best merchandise possible. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to talk about our wholesale rates.

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